Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Issues

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Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Issues

Hello, I know very little about any repairs let alone exactly how Windows works, I admit. I am quite ashamed of this as I do work in a small Computer Repair Shop, but only as a part time Mail Room/Errand associate. I am highly intrigued by any form of PC and desire to know everything possible there is to know about them.
Today, I find myself in a situation where I am in extreme  need of advice, assistance and (yes, though I despise saying it this way) step by step directions to repair (if possible} my daughters PC.
We found a little Fujitsu Lifebook N series N3410 Notebook at a local yard sale recently that she swore she just had to own for herself. Despite my hesitations, I went ahead and paid the $50 asked for it since all keys were present and it looked to be in great condition. Upon returning home, we opened it to reset the system (or attempted to) to factory condition and found a HUGE issue that crushed her hopes.
The notebook seems to be stuck in Guest User Account, with no other account profiles. There was no Recovery or Restore CD provided when we purchased it at the yard sale and I am unable to perform any kind of troubleshooting due to being unable to run any sort of performance check. Every item I googled online using my phone in hopes to locate some kind of answer, was quickly dismissed as at every turn the OS demanded an Administrator Account, Name, Password and Privilages. Ive booted in recovery, still no way to reset/restore. Tried creating a bootable restore image , halted as I had insufficant privilages to attempt to access those settings. Contacted microsoft windows and was told support assistance is no longer offered for Windows XP systems, they instructed me to contact fujitsu to request a recovery CD....I've attempted several attempts to no avail, and searched online for a copy of the Win XP MCE 2005 recovery/restore disk to possibly download in hopes to attempt to restore without the need to send it in for any repairs that I'm currently unable to afford.
I would buy a new laptop for her, if our finances allowed, but with her older brother being chronically ill and rquiring bi-weekly visits out of town visits to his specialist and the medications needed for his care....I barely keep us afloat.
Please tell me of a way to locate the issue at hand and what steps to attempt to repair her notebook, step by step instructions to do each task as I am still very new to all of this and really do not wish to disappoint her futher by totally destroying any possibility of it being repaired. Is it possible to download a copy of the same Windows OS and install it, as I do have the option to at least see the Windows Product Key upon viewing the basic system information such as the OS type and PC build, etc ...or even another Windows OS and perform a clean install as some sites confusingly described? If so where would I might locate these items for a fairly cheap price or free even if someone offered a copy of their OS disk?.....How to install? Can I force either Windows XP MCE 05 or the Fujitsu Laptop itself to factory reset somehow, or perform some kind of recovery by forcing the laptop to restore or install a recover via linking My PC (Compaq Presario CQ60 notebook) to it somehow via USB, etc to push the needed software to it and running a Command Prompt to enforce the instillation as I have done upon restoring my once thought to be bricked Androids System?
I would be ever so greatly appreciative for advice, assistance and/or a tutorial of what steps to take to make a young girls dream of owning her very own laptop, as well as teaching myself the whole (even if small) aspect of windows, its system and recovery process. It wouldnt only assist me in the repair of her PC but it would also teach me a little of what is needed to know working with Computers and the technology aspect required to eventually open my own small non profit Center allowing my neighborhood children access to computers, providing them with the basic stepping stones to create an spark to get involved in the Tech World, a possible start to create future employment fundimentalsal, as well providing them with a safe alternate of education  instead of them being unsupervised and possible allowing for that chance to mistakenly go down a path that could eventually cause great grief. I figure if I provide an after school function, my neighborhood children will possibly abstain from neg. events causing them trouble .......with your assistance, you will not only be assisting myself, but helping  a dream and even possibly enabling that dream to help keep the youth out of trouble. 
I'm sorry that I have been long winded....thinking of my little girl and how bad she would love to have her pc properly running has not only exausted me, its caused a drive inside that has rendered every free moment I find dedicated to finding a solution, and my dream to create the after school youth activity tech center just excites me....I just need someone willing to teach me the necessities to get my dream off the ground as well share any knowledge passed to myself on to the young ones.
Thank you for taking time to read my request for assistance as well as any help or information that may be provided
My Gratitude,

My Extreme Gratitude>




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